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hanger ancillaries setup
« on: Nov 10, 2022, 19:34:10 PM »
I need some advice on how others are getting by the issue I am having with my ancillaries.  When I build my hanger support specs, I have the correct bearer, rod and bolt/clip count filled out.  When I place the hanger in Revit, this count comes out just fine with no upper fixing chosen.  What I am observing is when the upper fixing is chosen, the ancillaries in the upper fixing kit are reported along with the bearer and the rod from the hanger support spec itself.  The bolt/clip counts in the support spec are not counted.  This is fine but this is where I am having an issue.  The bolts/clips we use to hang Unistrut trapeze and clevis are different.  So as this is working, I would have to have separate kits for clevis and Unistrut trapeze.  I was hoping there was another column in the support spec that would also be read even after choosing an upper fixing.  I tried using the Isolator column under the rod heading and even Insert Type under the Bearer heading but neither came through after choosing an upper fixing.  How have you guys gotten past this to get the correct ancillary counts from your hangers in Revit?
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Re: hanger ancillaries setup
« Reply #1 on: Nov 15, 2022, 13:47:32 PM »
I have one kit per hanger, allows me to adjust all ancillaries for each. But you could create an script that separate the hangers and writes some ancillaries back to the items, but I found that is way more work than creating the kit.
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