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Looking for simple way to group all ductwork connected to a unit.


Breaker of Stratus:
So I am trying to build out my Pressure Testing workflow that I made inside of Stratus. Can anyone know of a way that I can easily get the sq footage for all ductwork connected to a unit. Currently my route is manual but was hoping to figure out a more simpler route. Select connected might work but it currently breaks at fire dampers and VAV. At least it does now the way our detailers do things lol.

Someone whether in Stratus or Revit will need to put a common data point on things. Do the detailers note what runs are associated to a given unit? Select connected wouldn't really give you a dependable way to group things without traversing into unassociated runs or stopping where things aren't "Revit connected". If Revit Systems could be associated with Fabrication Parts then that would be the right way to do it but you know Autodesk and their infinite wisdom.


If you are using eVolve you can set the System parameter on the eMechancical Properties pallet.  It' is dependent on the detailer setting the system.  Anything connected to the system will acquire the value.


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