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Victaulic Project Mentor
« on: Mar 09, 2023, 12:32:14 PM »
Is anyone utilizing Project Mentor in Victaulic Tools for Revit for Fabrication CADmep Piping QA/QC process? Interested to see what you are utilizing it for as well as the Setup process for the Rules.

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Re: Victaulic Project Mentor
« Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 2023, 00:17:56 AM »

Not for fabrication parts. I found it useful for RFA piping plus the other tools i.e. Insulation Specifications. We've been focused on the Duct side of Fabrication and only just started to add our Fabrication pipework.

Having used Vic tools for nearly 10 years, all i can say is "Save your settings". The tools are upgraded frequently, and i've lost so much work after an upgrade didn't recognise the xml settings for the newer tool version.

Having looked through the Fabrication template that Victaulic provides, there are some useful tools, but i don't think i would ever go as hard on the setup again after being burned on their updates previously.

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Re: Victaulic Project Mentor
« Reply #2 on: Mar 14, 2023, 21:58:52 PM »
VM has a similar free feature through the QC tool that is fabrication part focused. It allows us to check for common QC issues using our own shop standards and fabrication data - without the need to set up rules or filters. Any fabrication parts raising QC flags can be shown in red and/or scheduled for evaluation. See below for a list of features and the UI/UX.

Standard Straight Length Tolerance
Identify all non-standard straights with Length >= Standard - Tolerance. Non-standard straights are common enough and very necessary. Simply scheduling all non-standard straights can quickly become overwhelming. VM knows the standard length of any given straight. By providing a tolerance, we can quickly distill our non-standard straights down to straights that are close enough to standard, in other words, non-standard straights we might actually be able to convert to standard. We can of course check for all non-standard straights by providing a tolerance of zero.

Minimum Straight Length
Identify straights with Length < Minimum. Covering the other side of the spectrum, the Minimum Straight QC check helps to find all straights that might be considered for deletion, or consumption with a fitting.

Maximum Transition And Offset Angle (SMACNA)
Identify transitions and offsets with Angle > Maximum. Easily find transitions that might be too short, or too radical.

Throat Radius Multiplier (SMACNA)
Identify radius elbows with Throat Radius < Multiplier x Width.

Boot Lengh Multiplier (SMACNA)
Identify boots shorter than Multiplier x Width.

Minimum Boot Length (SMACNA)
Identify boots shorter than Minimum.

Maximum PTrap Drop (CODE)
Identify Ptraps drops longer than Maximum.

Other QC checks include missing part numbers, disconnections, inverted straights, connector variations, material thickness, sloped risers, min/max slope, etc. If there are other QC checks you guys would like to see, shoot me an email and we will get it implemented.

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Re: Victaulic Project Mentor
« Reply #3 on: Mar 15, 2023, 17:03:09 PM »
I didn't know that was in the VM software.  I need to dig further into it.
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