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Insulation applied inconsistently
« on: May 17, 2023, 15:32:04 PM »
Users are having an issue in Revit where the insulation sometimes carries over and sometimes not.  This goes across multiple services.

From the testing that I have seen, it is a matter of some carry over value in Revit (insulation carry over values in the database are selected). 

This is how I tested it with the following results
1. Placed a pipe into the model.  Changed the insulation.  Added a fitting to it and the insulation isn't carried over.

2. After selecting the pipe and before inserting into the Revit model, changed the insulation.  Placed the pipe.  Added a fitting and it is carried over.

Is this what everyone else is seeing as well?

Edit: it is carrying over for a ductwork tap regardless of what was previously set.
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