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Database Advice
« on: Mar 14, 2024, 12:59:34 PM »
Hi XtraCad,
Happy March  :)

Was looking for help with feedback on how you maintain your databases.

Do you have someone in your company build items or do you purchase them?

How do you organize the pipe items in the services?
By Materials first (ie copper) and then system (ie hydronic hot water supply), forgive me if this is wrong, i usually deal with sheet metal.  :)

Any feedback or advice would be great!

Thank you
Thank you,

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Re: Database Advice
« Reply #1 on: Mar 14, 2024, 14:41:17 PM »

We have two DB Managers
we create all content in-house
we do not have any paid content service
each project is a new profile with a full copy of the Global DB

Items organization:

Main Categories:

Fittings folder:
Manufacturer > Material > Connection Type

Supports folder:
Old hangers
Current Hangers

Accessories folder:
Water Arresters

Valves folder:
Manufacturer > Material  > Type > Pressure (if applies) > Connection Type

Pipes folder:
Material > schedule > Connection Type

Services Organization: This organization makes sense for us because we don't need to build 2k different combinations of services Main/Secondary/Transition, we only build the individual button set for each and then we only use the fitting templates::
Main fitting set: (like CS>Buttweld>Weldbend)
Trade > Material > Connection Type > Manufacturer
Secondary fitting set: (Like Copper>Press>Nibco)
Trade > Material >Connection Type > Manufacturer
Transition fitting set: (Like CS to Copper)
Material to Material

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Re: Database Advice
« Reply #2 on: Mar 14, 2024, 18:56:02 PM »
We did use a outsourced builder for years and switched 100% to in-house about 4 or 5 years ago.

Our structure is the following for 99% of the folders:
Item Folders>Trade>Type>Manufacturer>Product Line>Specifics (if required)

Item Folders>Pipework>Pressure Fittings>Anvil>Black Steel Nipples>Schedule 40

The last folder isn't required for all product lines; Example:
Item Folders>Pipework>Drainage Fittings>Charlotte>Cast-Iron No-Hub
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Re: Database Advice
« Reply #3 on: Mar 15, 2024, 17:10:22 PM »
Piping DB Manager

We will occasionally purchase content from VBS or start with a manufacturers line. Everything else we build ourselves.

Each Job gets it's own profile.

Trade>Material>Pressure Class>Grade>Pressure Rating>Mfg

Not every file tree looks like that but that's the gist.
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