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Aren't we Modelers?

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--- Quote from: Tstright on Jul 22, 2014, 17:40:21 PM ---Where I started out in DC, Plumbers lead the way for close to a decade on coordination in the 3D world....

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That's what I hear, and what I seem to gather from the plumbing detailers here on the forum. We seem to have a shortage of plumbing contractors willing to participate here in Central Florida from my personal experience though.  :(

--- Quote from: cgb on Jul 22, 2014, 19:23:19 PM ---I've been doing this up in Canada in one form or another since 2006/07.   I am a plumber and we have been modeling all of our heating and plumbing since then.

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And I can only hope the market here will eventually catch up to the rest of the world.  ???

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--- Quote from: lsm_drafter on Jul 18, 2014, 00:38:36 AM ---Not that I'm bitter or anything...

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Modeling is supposed to take away some of that.

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That's what I hear... I just hope my working career lasts long enough to actually see this implemented in a thoughtful and intelligent fashion by all parties (at least here anyway). That's why we started modeling ductwork in 3D seven years ago. The market here was lagging behind the rest of the country then, and even more so now. Right now, we are still seeing the almighty dollar rule the awarding of contracts to the absolute lowest bidder who is slashing, or completely eliminating, any drafting/modeling/coordination budget just to get the job.

Regardless of what the specs or plans clearly imply...  ::)

I hate the term "modeler". that is degrading to me.

I'm a detailer, and a good one.

you keep modeling, I'll keep detailing. 


--- Quote from: cjehly on Jul 23, 2014, 04:44:35 AM ---I hate the term "modeler". that is degrading to me.

I'm a detailer, and a good one.

you keep modeling, I'll keep detailing.

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I use the term designer.   Mechanical Designer, Piping Designer.  We don't have any modelers or any CAD operators.   Now there is a term I hate.  CAD Operator.   

An operator drives a machine.  Thats all.  Whether that be a crane or a punch press.  I design things.  When PM's call me a cad operator I tell them they are paper movers.  They don't like it.

You can call me whatever the heck you want...just pay me what I'm worth.


--- Quote from: davidratx on Jul 23, 2014, 15:14:48 PM ---You can call me whatever the heck you want...just pay me what I'm worth.

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Ya but they only pay you if they recognize what you do and they will not recognize your skills if they are calling you by some diminutive title.  Sounds crazy but its true. 

I have noticed that as soon as you start doing technical stuff you become diminished in the eyes of the do nothing class.  Those would be the managers of all levels.  If you are a general foreman and they find out you can do ACAD and they bring you in to do interference and design then as soon as you sit down they figure you are worth less and become diminished in their eyes.   If you are a IT guy and you are doing systems design,  as soon as you start to actually code some of the design, you are diminished. 

Most of these guys could not even start up a cad station or open the programming IDE but they sure look down on those that can.

I have had several managers in my various careers question my estimates on how long something was going to take.  They actually brought in someone who had not ever done or was not capable of doing what I was trying to do and give a low ball estimate.   In all cases my response is... 

Great, we need more help because we are really behind and if you can do <whatever> in that amount of time that's fantastic.  I can get on with something else.  Glad your coming aboard.

Invariably I continue on doing whatever the effort is.

Again, members of the do nothing class who have few if any real skills looking down on those that do. 


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