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Rich Thomas:
I am looking for some feedback on computer performance when running CADduct. I am using a dell 2793 mghz with 1 gig of ram and a 256 meg video card. With this machine I have benchmarked some regeneration times.
A .75 meg drawing takes about 2 seconds to regenerate.
A 1.5 meg drawing takes about 15 seconds to regenerate.
A 3 meg drawing takes about 30 seconds to regenerate.
A 4.7 meg drawing takes about 90 seconds to regenerate.
  I find that in the larger drawings that I cannot run with two open viewports because it slows down the performance too much & sometimes locks up on me.
  I would love to have some feedback on this issue so I have something to compare to.

Thank you,

current version:2.30.043

What version of Autocad are you using?

I'm running a similar system myself with Autocad 2005 and have no problem with much larger drawings than you are working with.

Rich Thomas:
We are running acad 2005. I have started to play with the display resolution settings in Tools/options/display/display options within autocad. I had had a little success with increased performance but still not where it should be. I have gone through the steps of removing xref's and also changing fonts in the drawing, to seeif this made a dramatic difference and it did not make a significant change. I would be curious to know what your settings are in display options.

Thank you,

Here you go, hope it helps

Joe Kuhr:
Try this...

Tools> Options> Systems> Properties>  from here set the Acceleration to Hardware, this will use your video card rather then the AutoCAD software.


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