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Labels for Sheared Items

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It would be great if we could get another choice for labels.
We are drawing welded straights and choosing Sheared as the Cut Type and created a
Report for these items (SHEAR LIST) and we would like labels just for these items.
These would work well for every shop that sends items to thier Shear or Bench (canvas)

What are you using for finish labels?

We use "worksheets" to produce our finish labels, worksheets allow you to "filter" just like in the report builder. The filtering isn't quite as flexible in the worksheet builder but it should work for what you are using them for.
Just filter in "Sheared" in the filter bar and setup the labels as you would like to see them.

Thanks for the tip
We were able to set it up like you said
Thanks again

were you able to get a different label for each part of an item?  ie. 1 jnt of l-shaped duct = 2 labels.

I have no problem creating a shear list for each part but have only been able to get one label per item. I would like to have one label for each part of an item. 1 of 2, 2 of 2 and so forth.

adding the parts catagory to worksheets or labels sheet options to reports would fix this I believe.

thanks and have a great day.


At the present time this is not allowed unless, like you said, have the worksheets be able to access the items at the part level and not just the item level.

This could be added as a per worksheet switch I believe.


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