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Designline: Eccentric Reducer Problem

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Hello All -

I am setting up designline for piping and want to know how I can get eccentric reducers to appear as top flat every time. They are currently coming in as right/left flat. Switching the attacher arrow is not an option in designline. Any help is appreciated...

First post!


I could be wrong but I think you have to make sure your FIX BY option is set to TOP & CENTER for eccentrics to come in that way. Let me know if this works (unless you already tried it).

Perfect! Thanks doc. Totally forgot about that...

I also had to change the eccentric fitting to "OffsetReducer" button code (not RedInline).

Cool. I forgot about the other settings too.

I am trying to change from topflat reducing to centerline and it's giving me problems.
There must be a way of clicking points to make this work...


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