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Sectional View Command


I like the idea of creating a section and having the option to go back to the previous view.
Our homebuilt section command can't do this.

On to my wish, I would like the ability to pick a section direction (done) and a section depth (done) and would also like the option to choose the point in the Z axis where the section view will center itself.  Also would like the ability to pick a viewport to have the section be displayed.

I realize this post is old, however, I'm wondering if you were able to figure anything out with this? My previous employer had something to this effect but now I'm on my own with this type of stuff.

@CADworker, I'm pretty sure there is a lisp here on the forum that already does this. I'll try to find it and post back here.

OK, take a look at this thread:


message from cam-nav with a lisp attached


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