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Another design line question...
I have several different endcaps on my template that are based on the type of connection they have.  One for S&D, one for TDC, one for Raw, ect.  How do I get design line to chose the one that fits on the previous piece rather than the first one in the list?

I would think you would set that up in "connectors" under "connectivity". That should stop design line from attaching S&D to TDC for example.

Sorry for being a bit ignorant...  But...  I went to the connectors then connectivity, which is currently set at "duct", how do I change that to make design line stop attaching the wrong endcap?  I couldn't find anything in the manual.

You need to make different groups,with the connectors for that group in there.Problem here is designline is not going to....in our case put a raw end at the end of a run.

we are redoing our database from scratch, with the TSI guys being here next week to help us with it.  So I think I will wait for them before I start with the connector groups...

I have another design line question.  Can someone please explain to me how offset rules work?  
I have made a design line with a slight offset up in it, and I only button mapped the offset fitting, but it won't use it.  Annotating calls for an offset, but still won't use it.  I am unclear about offset rules.  Is there a clearer description of this out there?


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