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3d modeling cost

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I am looking for detailing costs per square foot for plumbing.

The can vary a lot.  Depends on the buliding type (school, office building, hospital, etc).   Getting a general number from other contractors would be difficult because of the competitive nature of what you are asking.

That's what I thought. The project is a small medical building and we were requested plumbing modeling services. There are no plumbing plans to base an estimate from which is what we usually use.

if you don't have any plans of any kind how are you bidding the job in the first place ?

T&M the whole project...... that sounds like the only option to me.

Saw this old topic ad I though I would resurrect it.

I and others I know figure that a fully coordinated mechanical model excluding HVAC, with sleeving drawings, interference done and installation drawings for the plumbers and fitters to install the model costs between 4.5% and 7% of the direct labour.

So a job with 20,000 hours has somewhere 900 and 1400 hours of drafting.   The tighter the job the higher the cost.   Design build jobs go even higher because they seem to keep changing. 

I think that HVAC costs will be lower but I am not sure.

What are others experiences and rules of thumb?



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