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Is there a way to make one of the other elbow item work for an adjustable elbow? I can change the angle of the elbow I know but it also shortens the finished size... It sounds lie a real task figuring out the length on an adjustable elbow at a paticular angle... Can it be done?

There is a fitting in the libary i believe its cid 155.You can play with it,but as i remember from what Cj said it was a little troublesome.Maybe he can explain.I have not use it. I Just figured the set out as far as a offset.

Andy Robins:
If you are talking Round Ductwork, make a copy of CID 61, edit it and set the Option 14 "Leg Lengths" to Yes, now look at the dimensions tab, you enter centre line distances for the lengths. Easy.
Same for Pipework, CID 2523

Andy,i'll try this,but not sure if the outcome is what he's suggesting(or my take on it) as far as the gores being able to rotate against one another.

Bob is on the right track. All of the gores should stay the same size and they would rotate to create any angel between 0 and 90 (for an adjustable 90 Elbow) Its not real imparative.. I can just fudge the lengths it with my straight pipe... Seems we run into a lot of problems with pre-cutting our spiral pipe anyway...

Thanks Guys...


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