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Is there any way to only show the calculated total of the Centerline Length on the report without all the seperate data showing up as well? Trying to make a short and simple report to order straight round duct.

The items in the right hand column of your report builder will be included in your report. If you want to remove info from your report, select the item and use the left arrow button at the bottom of the page. You might want to create a new report first and name it something different in case you want the original later.

For the items that you do not want to show up, set the column width to zero.
For the Addreport builder, there is a check box for output, uncheck and the data won't show.

Or, if you need certain fields on the right side, leave them and on the Column tab on the right, change the Width to 0%.  This will not display data for that item then.

But what I think you're asking is to only show the total.  I believe the only way to do that is check "Summarize Totals for Collected Tables" on the same tab.  I can't remember if you can have everything set to 0% Width and have this work out the way you want.  You can play around with it and see what you need.

I was able to get the total amount of round duct used by reducing the number of fields used in my report. I started with (Item Quanity, Item Centerline Length, Item Centerline Length) and replaced them with (Item Qty/Length).
After fiddling with some of the settings I was able to get just one row with the total lengths for each diameter used.
Thanks for your help!


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