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AO Smith is now offering their Water Heaters in REVIT,

I downloaded the one I need and it is a .RFA file and a text file, the text file has information on all of their water heaters for this model, BHT, when I open the .rfa in REVIT is for the smaller model made, how do I import the information on the text so that the model changes to the right dimensions of the one I need???

Yeah...REVIT newbee...

I believe the text file needs to get placed here, C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\RME 2012\Lookup Tables.
depending on your version of Revit and OS this may be different

Then, how do you apply the table to the model after doing that?

You load the family from the insert tab.Off to the left you'll see families....scroll dn to you see mechanical equipment.pick it and you should see all the entries

I did it by:

IMPORT FAMILY TYPE - Reads the .txt files, then

FAMILY TYPE - scroll the the size equipment you need...

Dang! I need a REVIT intro course bad....

You can sit me in my new Boeing 737-800 airplane simulator with a cold and dark (read, all systems off) cockpit and I can take it from that to flight ready and fly from , say, Atlanta KATL to Miami KMIA and land the darn thing all in a perfect flight, but sit me in front of REVIT and I am like ....huh???   :D :D :D


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