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I've noticed that if I search for something from the main site it sometimes says nothing found and yet the subject has been covered in the forum.
Is this a fault with your search engine?   :x

No. We use two distinct search methods on the site.

The one at the top of each page on the main site is configured so as to spider only the main pages. This is the information which is picked up by external search engines and, by keeping it relevant (meta tags and page content) gives better rankings for the site.

The second one is accessed via the 'search' link at the top of the forum pages and is only visible when a member is logged in. This searches all the content contained within forum postings and is more detailed and specific.
So, if you wish to see if a topic has already been covered before making a posting, use the forum search facility.

Admin Edit:
Since the change of forum software the following now applies:

When conducting a search using the Quick Search box (above right) it scans sub-directories from where you are currently located on the site.

So, for the best results, you should search from the Portal Home Page or the Forum Index Page.
Alternatively, click on Search in the Menu above for advanced search.


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