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What is your opinion on which method of drawing is quicker...coordinating pipe as you draw or drawing pipe flat just to get it in then going through and coordinating?

I like to discuss with the other disciplines and set your zones of where everyone will try to run, then get all the content in, then coordinate.  Me personally, I also try to route around where I think HVAC is going to go, etc. as I draw it in so I'm kinda avoiding conflicts as I go...but spending too much time and thought on this could backfire.

To start out the model, I try to get all the sloped piping in first and keep it high (if I can).  Then I let HVAC know that we pretty much can't move that and give them that model so they can somewhat route around as they're drawing.

I follow along same lines as jmerch. Get the gravity feed pipe in and fight a little with the duct guys. I also try to get my mains in on a rack to claim some space and coordinate with other trades as required.

Typical draw in 3D with order of precedence is as follows:
1) Plumbing Gravity Piping, Electrical racks of conduit & Lighting (Fire Protection for Upright systems)
2) Duct Mains & Branches
3) Pressure Piping (both HVAC & Plumbing)
4) Fire Protection & Miscellaneous Electrical Conduit

Agree with all that have posted.  The zone idea is the best and then people can eaisly denote when they have to go out of their zone.


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