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Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Square Angled End
« Last post by craigjonnson on Jun 14, 2024, 06:36:24 AM »
We have been using CID#760 for the duct angled end terminal. Having starting in newer version of revit, the behaviour thinks this is now a tap and we cannot connect this to the end of the duct run.
Has anyone else had this issue and found a fix? I cant turn off the connect as tap feature, or do you recommend any other CID that could be used.
Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Re: Revit Schedule - suppress value
« Last post by craigjonnson on Jun 13, 2024, 03:43:52 AM »
Not without this "I don't want to do it by value (< a # or > a #)"
I would end up with conditional formatting with <>.
Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Re: What's new in Revit 2025?
« Last post by jasin333 on Jun 12, 2024, 13:38:59 PM »
I shamed them into adding the "Gauge" in properties.

My internal sources say they share my posts on their internal slack channel. So far, they've fixed about 10% of everything I've posted. Far better than any support ticket or dealing with them directly.

Anyone else has anything they want the attention raised on, just use the #StupidAutodesk hashtag on your LinkedIn posts. They'll see them.

What I do not understand is Autodesk resistance to making a better product that is needed by the industry. I'd love to move past Fabrication but to what? Trimbles trainwreck... What option does anyone have for Revit besides fabrication?
I'm not saying this is a solution, but something to consider as this issue can be related to grouped parameters set by type. The Group by Type is the default setting when users create project parameters. Changing these to instance based, stopped our problems of groups ungrouping.
1. Open DiRoots Paramanager.
2. Right-click and select groups
3. Sort the list and select all "Grouped Values by Type" change these to "Instance" and apply.

This worked for us, your case might be different.
I am bumping this to see if I get any other ways to do it before doing the script.
Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Revit Schedule - suppress value
« Last post by cadbyken on Jun 11, 2024, 11:27:08 AM »
I have some schedules in Revit that I would like to suppress various invalid values in different columns.  This would help with other processes and cleanup the schedule.  I figure it could be by the ITM name.  I don't want to do it by value (< a # or > a #) to help find any issues.

Is there a way to do this?

Would you be willing to provide a dataset related to this?

We recently (like last week, not released yet) made some improvements in this area.  It would be great to get your case to make sure it is resolved with our changes.  I would like to review before and after with you too so we can validate the new behavior is as you expect.

Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Re: REVIT 2024
« Last post by nseibert on Jun 10, 2024, 02:28:42 AM »
Hey, if you are willing to provide a dataset and more information i would be interested to investigate what changed.  Shoot me an email and we can get our team investigating what happened.

CADmep™ Users / Re: Fabrication MEP 2023 will Not Install
« Last post by craigjonnson on Jun 09, 2024, 22:32:35 PM »
If all youre trying to do is path the Database for Revit 2023. You can edit the Registry.
Goto "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\Fabrication 2023\Configuration" Its likely that 2023 doesnt exist, but youre replicating what has been setup in a later or earlier version.
New folders are created by right clicking Pick "New > Key.
Once the folder is created, right click on the right-hand side, select "New" String Value and type "Path". Then enter your database location here.
It should look similar to the default setup in the image attached.
CADmep™ Users / Fabrication MEP 2023 will Not Install
« Last post by badastinner on Jun 07, 2024, 20:12:08 PM »
We cannot get Fabrication MEP 2023 to install on our machine.  We get this error and cannot figure out how to get rid of the object enabler that the error says is it's in conflict with.  This is really messing things up because without Fabrication MEP we cannot path Revit to the correct Database. 
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