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I figured it out. It was my filter. When I made my filter to apply colors to Fabrication parts I made the line graphics pattern solid. It has to be at no overides for the hidden lines to work when ducts or pipes are crossing.
CAMduct™ Users / Re: Install Decoiler
« Last post by Tadasana on Today at 04:39:56 PM »
Still struggling with this...  we have set up seams and connectors from the CAM station for the decoiler.  Seams and connectors are also set up out at the decoiler itself.  We still receive an error when trying to process a downloaded decoiled piece of duct - screenshot attached.
Does Fabrication Parts in Revit show the hidden lines when one duct crosses another?

I'm using Revit 2018
Designline / Re: Design Line changes the BC after applying fall
« Last post by RDS on Today at 02:54:40 PM »
Sounds as if you do not have the correct elevation change after slope is applied and that is why the nodes change to Drop into fall.

If I change the service from vent to sanitary and fill the design line it works fine. That's when I went into the service and changed the supply to extract.
CADmep™ Users / Re: Open drawing with its original database
« Last post by Darren Young on Yesterday at 11:05:37 PM »
Generally speaking, you should click "No" to the "Original Database" question.  Sometimes things can get changed in your database that trigger this message but generally, you want to always use your main database. Choosing  "No" keeps it using the database on disk. If there's things the drawing used that are not in the disk database any longer, those items show up as bracketed proxy objects.

Those bracketed proxy objects will disappear the next time you load CADmep if you're logged in without Admin permissions. If you're logged in with Admin permissions, they'll stick and need to be removed/kept as needed.

The only real reason to select "Yes" to that prompt typically is if you are opening up an archive or old drawing that was created with a database that was significantly different than you have today. ITM's might not be there. Connectors, services are all different, etc. The software uses the version of the database that's cached in the drawing.

Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Re: update database in Revit
« Last post by Darren Young on Yesterday at 11:01:28 PM »
Good questions to ask and try. Most folks don't put enough thought into hour DB admin needs/should be different in a Revit world vs CADmep.

If I rename an ITM in my database, a CAD drawing that already uses it won't be mapped to it (important if it's product listed). Using a COD Script or the VIPS comand it's easy to remap them.

When that same thing happens in Revit, how does it get fixed?  There is no COD scripting there. No VIPS command. How does reloading the DB affect that orphaned item?  Disappears? Still there as an orphaned object? How do you update it?

These are the types of questions anyone going to Revit should consider.
CADmep™ Users / Re: Opening an old Database
« Last post by Darren Young on Yesterday at 10:58:11 PM »
I'm confused....

OLD Drawing into NEW Database?


NEW Drawing into OLD Database?

If it's a network database, make sure when you log in you are logging in with an account that does not have Admin permissions and the entries from the drawing won't go to the database permanently.
CADmep™ Users / Opening an old Database
« Last post by mchilds on Yesterday at 06:57:05 PM »
Good afternoon,

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with opening a new drawing with an old database using Edit Configuration?
Before I do this I want to make sure that I won't add all the old connectors into the new database.

Designline / Re: What tells Designline to use RedEOLTee over RedILTee
« Last post by ChrisH on Yesterday at 06:15:11 PM »
Setting the flow to not set usually will resolve the REDEOLT issue.

Do you mean turning the flow off in the service?  Or where?  I really think this has to do with the branch being bigger.  What does everyone else do?  Just draw that stuff with the attacher arrow?  There are many times we come through a roof from a unit with multiple ducts tying into one duct. Maybe everyone is just doing this manually????
Fabrication Parts in Revit® / Re: update database in Revit
« Last post by Alina.autocad on Yesterday at 04:43:09 PM »
Thank you guys, I got it. I am just exploring/learning, now I will keep that in mind
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