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General Bug Reports / Re: Step-Dn connector
« Last post by cadbob on Today at 10:28:48 PM »
The fittings come out correctly for me and layout fine, what I did have to change was the Straight Duct Length Include Connector Adjustment to YES

Notice the Length I want is 12" so Body is 10" and step down has 2" of straight.
General Bug Reports / Step-Dn connector
« Last post by CaddMan22 on Today at 08:26:43 PM »
2019 has a problem with the step-dn connector. It is shrinking the fittings graphically in Autocad and Revit the amount of the step-in.
So if I give it a dimension of 36" long, the fitting should be 38" long for a step-dn w/2" st. It is drawing it 36" long, not 38" long as it did in 2018. It still develops the the fitting correctly at 38" long, it just shrinks it graphically.
The problem may line with the new line item they added in the connector in the database. It's the "Step Down" which was not there in 2018. So you can guess the nightmare this is creating.
The only CID I have found that is not effected is CID#866. Is there a setting somewhere in the database to fix this adjustment that I have not found yet?

The problem still exists in 2019
CADmep™ Users / Re: Current CID List
« Last post by BradHendricks on Today at 03:09:18 PM »
Both the CID service and the Plug-In are free. There is a cost for purchasing the itm's in the Plug-In.

Thanks for the heads up on the installation! I'll let you know as soon as it is fixed.
CADmep™ Users / Re: Data Missing from the Item Tab
« Last post by JAA on Yesterday at 11:27:51 PM »
Check your takeoff information at the item file and see if you have the "customize" box checked. If so, it appears whats shown in the right column is all you will see and not your default........I always get tripped up with this also.
CADmep™ Users / Re: Current CID List
« Last post by cadbob on Yesterday at 10:46:04 PM »
Brad, It Crashed Autocad after Install, I have my databases on another drive and also a Custom Install Folder.

My Install folder with the Fabricationapi.dll is located:

C:\Autodesk 2019\Fabrication 2019\CADmep (So appears the VBS Script/Program can't find it) Didnt have time last night to experiment.

I have always installed the Autodesk Products to there respective year/release folder ie: C:\Autodesk 2019 or C:\Autodesk 2018 so Autocad, Navis, Steel, Point Layout etc would install to the folder year.

Maybe have installer could ask the User for Location, or slower way to have it search itself for the DLL.
Just an Idea for you. Keep up the good work. :)
CADmep™ Users / Re: Current CID List
« Last post by cadbob on Yesterday at 10:34:45 PM »
That is alot more handier than loading all the Items and than sorting and deleting the Non Revit one's. Is that tool a Freebie or is there costs involved?
CADmep™ Users / Re: Current CID List
« Last post by BradHendricks on Yesterday at 10:19:52 PM »
VBS has made a cool way view, test, and check out each pattern. It even shows which ones don't work in Revit.
Download the service (.iez) file here:
ESTmep™ Users / sheet metal gauge and ancillary costs
« Last post by CadDad on Yesterday at 09:15:25 PM »
Is there a way to import costing for metal gauges and ancillary items from an excel worksheet?
CADmep™ Users / Data Missing from the Item Tab
« Last post by wwessels on Yesterday at 08:54:07 PM »
Has anyone else run into items that don't show all the information shown on other items in the Item Tab. The attached image shows the example of the item missing material and other missing categories that are in the Customize Item Properties.
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