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Title: Shared Parameters
Post by: TFuller on Jan 03, 2014, 21:15:29 PM
For anyone heavily invested in shared parameters, I encourage you to read the following:

When editing the file, the “Create” button allows a user to create a new Shared Parameter file with the default option allowing to overwrite the current file. Do not do this. This is a very easy disaster that can occur.

Verify the file name if you truly want to create a new SP file and not simply overwrite your current one.

Title: Re: Shared Parameters
Post by: fishandchips on Jan 04, 2014, 08:05:48 AM
Are we talking Fabrication CADmep, Sysque (or Revit)? and if the latter in a standalone local install or a network environment?
Title: Re: Shared Parameters
Post by: TFuller on Jan 09, 2014, 13:54:21 PM
Sorry for the delay on this response.

Shared parameters in Revit are native to Revit only and are created by the firm using Revit to assist in the automatic scheduling, tagging, and general "filling-in" of data.

To my knowledge, there is no shared parameter file to be concerned about with respect to SysQue content. Some manufacturers of mechanical equipment will provide a a shared parameter file along with their families because they also provide a copy of a blank Revit schedule to assist the Revit user.

Shared parameter files are independent of whether the software itself is a network or standalone license (to my understanding), but the shared parameter text file is generally stored on a network server so multiple users may access.

Also, shared parameters are one of Revit's most strange and confusing aspects, but once mastered, becomes an amazingly powerful tool to speed up projects.

...until you destroy the file. :D

So if you are using shared parameters to help you with managing your information in Revit, please be careful with your file.

The shared parameter file is similar to whatever database file CADmep uses to store all the custom user fields for ITMs that can be created (can't remember which one that is).
Title: Re: Shared Parameters
Post by: fishandchips on Feb 18, 2014, 03:41:09 AM
yup - all very true, just don't have more than one in the system.
Title: Re: Shared Parameters
Post by: patryduf on Jul 17, 2017, 20:32:24 PM
Old topic, but I'm trying to cope with you. I'm only sneeking into Revit and I am wondering if there is a way (with shared parameters) to have Revit seek information like radiuses of bend, or any other information that can't be tagged right now directly in Revit2018.
 I suppose the reporting will get better and better in Revit, to a point that the "report builder" and "Worksheets" will be integrated and it will be as easy as in CADmep to retrieve ANY parameter and put it in a report?
Do I have the right to dream?
Because that's one of the big drawbacks that keeps me from embracing Fabrication in Revit.
Title: Re: Shared Parameters
Post by: cyan on Jul 17, 2017, 23:50:28 PM
I haven't used 2018 yet, but in the previous versions, you can read from what Revit considers "FabricationDimensions" and write them to a more forward facing parameter (so a shared one for example). This would be using the API through .NET or Dynamo, so it would not be dynamically updated nor would it drive a fab part's geometry.

I imagine what you're after is coming.