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CAMduct™ Users / Re: minimum area
« Last post by joserios on Today at 06:57:11 »
Hi Chvajcin ,
I have followed your advices but in the first column where I write item area <1 . If I write 1 i the calc tab the all the data goes to 1 . If I dont write 1 then the values bigger than 1 are 0.
Let me send you some pictures .
Can you think about any solution?
Dynamo for Autodesk® Revit / Re: Dynamo Script to get Fabrication Hanger Parameters
« Last post by Axl on Jan 21, 2022, 20:33:03 PM »
This new version has a quick and dirty description included in the list, I added it as a new node so you still have a clean version of the data, each type of hanger has different fields (dimensional data) therefore the multiple lists,
Not sure if you found your issue yet.  I tried mine out here and it works as expected.  Correct counts on all the hanger types.
Dynamo for Autodesk® Revit / Re: Dynamo Script to get Fabrication Hanger Parameters
« Last post by Axl on Jan 21, 2022, 19:52:01 PM »
gimme me some time and I'll add the field name to each value in a separate node, that way it won't add it to each row (to keep it clean) yes the coordinates are the rod's end position (we use it to define concrete inserts positions)
Thanks for sharing the script.  I see the list output for each hanger I choose.  It looks like there are 20 items listed out there.  I figured out what 1-5 are and 20 looks like it is a set of coordinates. Maybe the rod end position?  Can you tell me what the other items are? 6-19 in the list
CADmep™ Users / Re: Hanger Prefabrication Question
« Last post by bitterfitter on Jan 21, 2022, 18:33:20 PM »
Here we have been prefabbing pipe hangers for about 12 years now.  We have tried every possible option over the years and seem to have it down.  We model them exactly, and we fabricate them rounded to the 1/2".  We have found that most clevis hangers are large enough to absorb any differences.  Trapeze are not an issue at all.  The smaller line sized clevis may be tight, but we always have the option to cut them if needed.  We looked at cutting rods in 6" lengths but then we are modeling exact lengths and forcing the field to cut 100% of the rods.  by using a smaller rounding value (1/2") we can use almost all of our hangers as is, and trim very few.  The field and shop are both onboard and I very very rarely get negative feedback.  I do also call the foreman on these jobs regularly to check in and get feedback.  I found if I don't call, then issues can happen and I never hear about it until much later.  If any issues do surface, they are looked into immediately until the problem is resolved and we look out for that in the future.
Dynamo for Autodesk® Revit / Dynamo Script to get Fabrication Hanger Parameters
« Last post by Axl on Jan 21, 2022, 13:54:47 PM »

I created a Dynamo script that reads a lot of parameters and dimensions from any fabrication hanger placed in Revit.
Dynamo's major flaw is the compatibility and multiple packages you have to keep updated and from version to version things break.
To fix this I used only out of the box nodes and a python node,

CAD Product Information code
Revit Unique Code
Current Document
Current user
Time Stamp
Multiple dimensions:
Hanger size
Rod Length(s)
Rod End Position(for trimble)
Body length (for channels and Unistruts)

You can use the script as is or edit it as long as you keep the credit on top of the python block

Script extracts:

I hope this is useful for someone in the community,
CADmep™ Users / Re: Hanger Prefabrication Question
« Last post by APD-DB on Jan 21, 2022, 12:59:59 PM »
We prefab hangers for our customers and ship them directly to their jobsite.  We round to the nearest 1/2” to eliminate so many different rod cuts especially on slope pipe.  With all things figured our average time to build a hanger is 5 minutes, the time includes making a hanger map, bulk cutting rod, spray painting hangers with color from hanger map, applying a label, and organizing them in boxes. It’s all about having a streamlined process.

We usually run with about 98-100% success.  They basically work so well that we never hear about issues and we are always asking how things are going.  If the field is trimming hangers that is a failure in my book.  We always make sure we know exactly what the structure looks like. I believe hangers are the cheapest material on the job but if prefabbed are the most valuable, they really set the pace for installing pipe and will massively increase productivity in the field. 

Also your CAD hangers need to very accurate to what is being ordered.
CAMduct™ Users / Re: minimum area
« Last post by chvajcin on Jan 21, 2022, 12:55:15 PM »
sure it will work, i use it also in exports to the crm (csv export builder works similar way)  :)
CAMduct™ Users / Re: minimum area
« Last post by joserios on Jan 21, 2022, 11:48:11 AM »

I think this is going to work . let me try!!!!!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D
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